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Lattice Boltzmann Model for Electronic Structure Simulations.
Miller E. Mendoza, Hans J. Herrmann, and S. Succi
Journal of Physics. Conference series, (2015) Bristol: Institute of Physics.
Simulating Thin Sheets. Buckling, Wrinkling, Folding and Growth.
Roman Vetter, Norbert Stoop, Falk K. Wittel, Hans J. Herrmann, and IOP
Journal of physics. Conference series, (2014) Institute of Physics: Bristol.
Simulating thin sheets. Buckling, wrinkling, folding and growth.
Roman Vetter, Norbert Stoop, Falk K. Wittel, and Hans J. Herrmann
Journal of physics - Conference series, (2014) S.l.: Institute of Physics.
Multiphase debris flow simulations with the discrete element method coupled with a lattice-boltzmann fluid.
Alessandro Leonardi, Falk K. Wittel, Miller Mendoza, and Hans J. Herrmann
Particle-Based Methods III: Fundamentals and Applications - Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Particle-based MethodsFundamentals and Applications, Particles 2013, (2013) Barcelona, Spain: International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).
Response functions near the liquid-liquid critical point of ST2 water.
Erik Lascaris, T.A. Kesselring, G. Franzese, S.V. Buldyrev, Herrmann H.J., and H.E. Stanley
AIP conference proceedings, (2013) Red Hook, N.J.: American Institute of Physics.
Bruchmechanische Untersuchungen zum Versagensverhalten von Holzverklebungen.
Samuel Ammann, Falk Wittel, and Peter Niemz
(2011) ETH Zürich, IfB, Holzphysik; Boku Wien, Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering, Wood Technology and Renewable Resources; Wood K plus; WKI Fraunhofer Institut Braunschweig.
Watersheds and Explosive percolation.
Hans J. Herrmann, and Nuno A.M. Araújo
Physics procedia, (2011) Amsterdam: Elsevier.
A Multi-Scale Approach for the Coupled modelling of Mechanical and Moisture Behaviour of Wood.
Jan Carmeliet, Dominique Derome, M. Dressler, F. Gaignat, Hans Jürgen Herrmann, Christian Lanvermann, Peter Niemz, A. Rahfsanjani, Falk Wittel, and W. Wu
(2010) .
From Powders to Collapsing Soil/Living Quicksand. Discrete Modeling and Experiment.
Dirk Kadau
AIP conference proceedings, (2010) Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics.
Mechanical behaviour of 'living quicksand'. Simulation and Experiment.
Dirk Kadau, José S. Andrade, and Hans J. Herrmann
AIP conference proceedings, (2009) Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics.
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