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The chair for Durability and Corrosion at ETH Zurich belongs to the Institute of Building Materials of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering. The main mission of the institute consists in teaching and research on construction materials. The chair for Durability and Corrosion focuses on the durability of RC structures and corrosion of metallic materials.

In terms of teaching the Institute of Buildig Materials believes that it is our responsibility to prepare civil engineers to increasingly endorse responsibility for the durability of the structures they will be designing as well for the environmental impact of the materials they prescribe. The chair of Durability and Corrosion teaches civil engineers on the bachelor and master level. The main message is that durability and corrosion are system properties, thus the result of complex interactions between material and environment. Understanding these processes reqiures a sound preparation in materials science, chemistry and electrochemistry as offered in the courses in the master level.

In terms of research, we focus on factors related to the corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, including transport phenomena in cement based materials, chloride induced localized corrosion, new materials for reinforcement (stainless steels), electrically isolated post-tensioning tendons and non-destructive methods to locate and quanitfy corrosion in the laboratory and on structures. 

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