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The Institute of Building Materials provides basic lectures in Bachelor studies for civil engineers, the "Materials and Mechanics" master courses, as well as general lectures in computational physics.

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List of Courses in 2017FS

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0190-07L Two-dimensional Phase Transitions  M. Henkel
101-0603-01L Chemistry for Civil Engineers  R. J. Flatt,
B. Elsener
101-0604-02L Materials I and II  R. J. Flatt,
I. Burgert
101-0658-00L Concrete Material Science  R. J. Flatt,
D. Marchon
101-0678-00L Wood Physics & Wood Materials  I. Burgert,
T. A. Zimmermann Schütz
101-0679-00L Non-Destructive Test Methods and Health Monitoring  I. Burgert,
B. Elsener
402-0812-00L Computational Statistical Physics  M. Mendoza Jimenez,
M. Henkel,
M. Lukovic
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