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Wood is a versatile, renewable material with various applications in modern society as construction material (e.g. beams, boards, veneers), as resource for bio-based polymers and monomers (e.g. cellulose for paper, lignin derived chemicals), and as an energy source (e.g. biofuels and firewood). As with any other material, the inherent characteristics of wood include both beneficial and challenging properties – how specific properties are viewed depends on the situation. For instance, being a biologically degradable material is beneficial for recycling, but a challenge for structures in service.

The aim of our group is to expand the utilization of wood by tailoring performance of wood material to specific applications, thus improving beneficial properties and meeting the challenges which limit the use of wood in specific applications. Our research is organized in four main themes which focus on

improving material properties for a broader applicability of wood  (Bio-inspired Wood Materials and the Applied Wood Science & Technology groups),

introducing novel functionalities to wood  (Functional Lignocellulosic Materials group),

using and implementing the responsiveness of wood to environmental changes ( air humidity) or other external stimuli (Wood Actuation & Mechanics group)

in-depth nano- and microstructural, chemical and mechanical characterization of wood cell walls (Wood Surfaces & Interfaces and Hierarhical Nano-Bio Materials groups).

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